How to become a patient

The Nightingale Research Foundationís research into M.E. and CFS and other similar chronic disease syndromes has largely been accomplished by testing and diagnosing M.E. patients from day one of their illness and CFS patients who have been ill for at least six months, and are either undiagnosed or not satisfied with the diagnosis they have received. This research has given NRF the ability to better understand the causes of M.E. and CFS, and to locate and minimize the myriad of physiological impairments caused by the disease process.

NRF accepts about 10-20 new patients each year. These patients undergo extensive interview and testing protocols in order to determine the cause of their illness. This work is usually carried out over a 18 month period and in most cases, does require some expenses to be paid by the patient. By the end of six months, we usually have a good idea of the underlying causes of the patientís illness. All pathologies or abnormalities are referred to the appropriate specialists for their opinions and treatment as required.

Patients who are not from Ottawa will have to travel there for the primary interview and may need to stay several more days for testing that is not available in their communities. The first day of interview is at least 4-5 hours. The patient will have to be seen on at least 3-4 visits over the first two years.

For more information on how to submit an application, please send your request to . You will be given an estimate of the wait time for new patients and the fees involved before we send you an application form. Please include your current mailing address.

Personal Interview with Dr Byron Hyde on Skype or iChat Video

 Another option would be to arrange a personal interview using Skype video.  The  interview must be pre-booked by the patient by emailing . Each session will be 2 hours. The fee will be $400.00 payable with VISA, or MasterCard  payable in advance. Each session will take the following format:      

  1. 60 minutes: Dr Hyde will interview the patient concerning their illness, family history.
  2.  45 minutes: Dr Hyde will answer the patients questions and make suggestions.
  3.  15 minutes: Dr Hyde will suggest possible tests to be done by the patient with the assistance of their local physician