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Skype or iChat Video Interview with Dr. Hyde

Now Available. Arrange a skype or iChat video interview with Dr. Hyde More information....

Now Available on; Dr. Hyde's 2010 book "Missed Diagnoses".

Book Image - Missed DiagnosesDr. Hyde's 2010 book, "Missed Diagnoses" is available on either in printed format, or electronic format via download. Please note this book is not available on Amazon.

Book Offer (While Quantities Last)

We are pleased to offer visitors to website the opportunity to purchase Nightingale’s 1992 reference book: The Clinical and Scientific Basis of M.E./CFS at a special offer price. All proceeds from the sales of our publications help support NRF research activities. For more information about this book and remarkable offer, please click here.

Now Available For Download - The Clinical and Scientific Basis of M.E./CFS

You can download "The Clinical and Scientific Basis of M.E./CFS". Please click here for more information.