Useful Links – M.E. & CFS

Support Groups - World-wide:

These are self-help resource centres for patients, their caregivers and physicians (in some countries these will include listings of regional sub-chapters).


ME/CFS Association of Australia Limited

Allison Hunter Memorial Foundation

CFS/ME Victoria

South Australian Youth with ME/CFS

A Hummingbirds Guide to M.E.


National ME /FM Action Network 

FM-CFS Canada




CFS Network Japan


ME Platform


Association CFS Switzerland


The CFIDS Association of America

National CFIDS Association

Teens with CFS/FMS


The ME Association

Action for M.E.


M.E. Support

Association of Young People with ME

The Young M.E. Sufferers Trust

Other Informative Web Sites:

These sites provide access to news, research articles, and other publications of interest to the M.E. and CFS community.

Axford’s Abode

CFIDS Report

Co-Cure ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ME Research UK


National Alliance for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

National Dysautonomia Research Foundation

Special Mention:

NRF wishes to recognise the contribution of the FM-CFS Canada website team who provide excellent up to date news on issues relevant to M.E., CFS and Fibromyalgia.

We are proud to refer our website visitors to a former Nightingale Research executive officer, Lydia Neilson, who created her own outreach (support) national M.E./FM Network.

In the UK, M.E. sufferers benefit from an impressive range of voluntary, self-help, community associations and government agencies’ support services.  Parents with children afflicted by M.E. will find the The Young M.E. Sufferers Trust under the leadership of Jane Colby to a wealth of excellent information.

Although we at NRF have never met Jodi Bassett, she created her website - A Hummingbirds Guide to M.E. -in 2004 and it is a phenomenal accomplishment.  Jodi has been afflicted with M.E. for 12 years and is almost entirely bed bound.

NRF directs visitors interested in autism to the Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Research Institute in California -  dedicated to increasing the public's awareness of the likely connection between neuro-immune and/or auto-immune dysfunction and conditions such as Autism, ADD, ALS, Alzheimer's, CFS/CFIDS, MS, PDD and other immune- mediated diseases.

Please Note: Information and opinions contained in these links are intended for self-help and educational purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Nightingale Research Foundation. The Board of Directors have not reviewed the content of these web links and does not endorse or accept responsibility for the information contained therein.