Legal Decisions

This section includes legal decisions of interest to the CFS and M.E. community and their lawyers. We welcome the addition of other court/arbitration rulings for Disability Insurance, Social Security and Canada Pension Plan cases. To submit these cases for inclusion on the NRF site, please send an electronic copy of the ruling or other case information to: .

CFS: Alberta Court Decision

Case: K.Sharon Baillie, Plaintiff versus Crown Life Insurance Company, Defendant – impressive new research submitted by Dr. Flor-Henry, Neuropsychiatrist, Alberta Medical Hospital, proves that “CFS is not a psychoneurotic injury…It is organic.” (para 35)

CFS: Arbitration Decision

Note: a French version available by email –

Case: Office de la Langue Française – “the employer” and Syndicat des professionnelles et professionnels du Gouvernement du Québec – “the union” (Grievance #17675 – Pierre Martel). Concluding statements by the Arbitrator, Gilles Desnoyers, are certainly worth the read.